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To illuminate a client’s path forward using credibly designed research and building stakeholder alignment in communities and organizations. 


The health and well-being of communities through the promotion of best practices for strategic analysis, planning and communications.

Business Strategy & Research

Bringing clarity to the new world of living, working and doing business.

  • Custom research design, analysis and insights
  • Industry, market, opportunity analysis
  • Stakeholder alignment 
  • Network analysis
  • Expert resource identification and engagement
  • Baseline metric and pulse check development

Change Management Strategy, Marketing & Communications 

As our world becomes increasingly virtual and noisy, communication must be more clear and relatable.

  • Creative consulting and development
  • Internal/external communications strategy
  • Change management and communication plan development and execution
  • Graphic design and brand strategy

People & Places

In a world where place has new meaning, creating a sense of belonging is serious business.

  • Workplace research and strategy
  • Community-building
  • Longitudinal and point-in-time research
  • Pre- and post-occupancy assessments
  • Mock-up evaluations
  • Workforce performance
  • Individual and organization-wide performance
  • measurement
  • Remote and onsite work evaluations
  • Human-centered, ethnographic research