Our Team

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Meet Our Team of Experts

We are seasoned professionals to help you navigate choppy waters. Trust is the foundation of good business. So we are committed to honesty, transparency, and partnership. We’ve built a trusted network of critical thinkers with deep expertise. Together, we’ll uncover the path forward and give your employees, stakeholders, and clients a stake in a better future.

Ellie Rogers

As a research designer, experienced in the concepts of places and communities, Ellie assesses highly complex and ambiguous situations quickly, helping clients identify the most appropriate and trusted resources available. She leverages her strategic planning experience across sectors, geographies, cultures and industries, so organizations can work to achieve organizational goals and keep people as a priority consideration.

David Sadowski

With more than 20 years of experience, David is a brand strategy and design expert who leads a full-service marketing and communications agency. His creative acumen helps our clients communicate in the most effective and ethical ways possible.

Paul Kelash

A strategic communications leader, Paul brings more than 25 years of both corporate and agency experience to help our clients solve stakeholder communications, change management and corporate giving challenges. He specializes in thought leadership and employee communications strategies to elevate our clients’ reputations both internally and externally.

Tricia Wright

Tricia has consulted with dozens of mission-driven organizations spanning the nonprofit and public sectors, helping her clients raise over $80 million to fund their missions. She excels at guiding organizations through strategic planning, campaign preparation and implementation, and fundraising program development. Her clients value her strengths in facilitating inclusive conversations, asking the right questions, and providing structure and process to help them achieve their goals.

Mary Brown

As an avid researcher with a strong interest in technoscience; and technophile, Mary is a Social Futurist and polymath who uses these traits to explore and analyze complex systems. Her work consists of a unique blend of skills using Human-Centered Design (HCD), Organization Development (OD), and Learning and Development (LD) strategies and methods to improve individual leadership and organizational effectiveness.

Patty Bergquist

A data analytics and research professional, Patty has over 20 years of experience assisting clients using quantitative, qualitative and fieldwork methods of scientific inquiry.  She specializes in the collection, management and statistical analysis of data and information to identify best practices and areas of improvement to address organizational needs. She has significant experience in workplace and design elements.